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An international branding and interactive campaign for iron deficiency awareness.


The IronDeficiency.com symbol is designed to reflect the visual impact of iron on your blood. As iron levels decrease – as indicated by the red arrow – the less red blood becomes, which is symbolized by the blue arrow.


The white space formed where the arrows overlap creates the backslashes that indicate the condition-specific subsites of IronDeficiency.com, while also reflecting the intersection of the patient and healthcare professional content.

The typeface Museo Sans reflects the geometric nature of the symbol, while the bold weight balances out the icon when it appears without the condition-specific subsite typography.



The interactive check-up tool utilizes CSS3 and HTML5 to engage users with the symptoms of iron deficiency. 


Be sure to view the live site and check out my website concept for this project

Agency: ICON Worldwide

Credit: Marton Orehovszky, Developer. Danielle Beattie, Website Designer.